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[Xen-devel] GPL PV Windows drivers and non-english language version of Windows

In trying to replicate the problem that has been reported with the GPL
PV Windows drivers and non-english language versions of Windows, I
obtained a copy of German Windows 2003, and installed the drivers there,
and sure enough they didn't work.

The tools I needed to investigate (procmon from sysinternals.com) needed
at least sp1 so I installed sp2, and suddenly the GPL PV drivers worked

So I suspect that maybe the problem is that something in the drivers
requires windows sp2 (or maybe just sp1) to work, and that non-english
versions of windows are more likely to ship without sp1 or sp2
pre-installed? All the media I have used recently is at least already at
sp1 level.

I'll have a quick look through my code and see if there is anything
there that depends on sp1 or sp2.

The drivers definitely work on the English version of Windows with sp1
applied. Does anyone have a non-English version (German preferably) with
sp1 applied to confirm that they work there? I'd like to include
something in the release notes, or maybe the installer, to warn the user
about the sp requirements.

Also, if anyone has an English version of Windows at rtm level (eg no
service packs applied), I'd be interested in hearing if the drivers work
or not.



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