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[Xen-devel] Allow xenstore client utilities to be built statically.

The attached patches enable the xenstore client utilities
(xenstore-read/write and friends) to be built statically and against
uclibc. This is useful for utility domains where a small userspace is

Both static building with glibc and linking with uclibc seem to have
problems with threading and so the static version of the library is
built without thread support. This is OK since none of the clients
actually require it.

The second patch (static-xenstore-watches) is rather optional since
nothing currently requires it and it is therefore untested.

The third and fourth patches (multicall-xenstore-*) turn the clients
from separate binaries (created via multiple compilation of
xenstore_client.c) into a single multicall binary in order to claw back
some of the space lost to static linking. This also enables the tool be
used as "xenstore <command>" in addition to the existing
"xenstore-<command>" way.


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