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Re: [Xen-devel] gdbsx?

On 1/9/08 17:15, "Jun Koi" <junkoi2004@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Unfortunately it apparently isn't a clone of xen-unstable.hg but a 3-month
>> old copy which has not since been resynchronised. Mukesh: I would recommend
>> you maintain a patch queue or a tree whose parent is xen-unstable.hg, which
>> you can periodically pull from and re-merge your patches. Otherwise you have
>> a debugger for an old fixed version of xen-unstable.hg which is rather less
>> useful in the long run.
> So it have a good chance to be merged? Cool!

It has some chance, if it is used and if it is cleanly implemented. Equally
for now it ought to be able to live quite happily outside of the main

 -- Keir

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