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[Xen-users] gplpv - tool to copy network config from qemu 8139 adapter to xen adapter

I've just pushed some changes to add a 'copyconfig' utility which will
copy the network configuration from the qemu rtl8139 adapter to the xen
adapter. This is really really beta at the moment, so use at your own
risk. Ultimately it will be a tick option in the installer that you will
select on initial install, but not on upgrade. If you've ever changed
network adapters in a windows domain controller you'll understand why
this will make your life easier :)

To use it, you'll need to recompile the drivers from the latest hg too,
as a required change is that the xen drivers are no longer disabled when
gplpv isn't specified in boot.ini. Instead, the network driver always
reports that the cable is disconnected, and the disk driver never
enumerates any disks. This also makes the install a bit more
straightforward in that you don't have windows telling you that there
was a problem with each and every driver on install (well, actually the
xenvbd driver fails on the initial install for some reason still... not
sure why yet)

Please test on a dev system as these sorts of changes are the sort that
corrupt disks if things go wrong.


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