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[Xen-devel] [PATCH] ioemu-remote&ioemu: fix offset of MSI-X memory mapped table.

This patch fixes offset of MSI-X memory mapped table.

Current code does not set dev->msix->table_off variable.
The offset of MSI-X memory mapped table is treated as 0.
The wrong region is unmapped from guest physical memory space.
As a result, guest device driver can't access memory mapped resource.

The patch fixes this issue. My MegaRAID SAS assigned to guest domain
becomes working with the patch.


Signed-off-by: Yuji Shimada <shimada-yxb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

diff --git a/hw/pt-msi.c b/hw/pt-msi.c
index 511eb56..c515c02 100644
--- a/hw/pt-msi.c
+++ b/hw/pt-msi.c
@@ -313,7 +313,7 @@ int pt_msix_init(struct pt_dev *dev, int pos)
     table_off = pci_read_long(pd, pos + PCI_MSIX_TABLE);
     bar_index = dev->msix->bar_index = table_off & PCI_MSIX_BIR;
-    table_off &= table_off & ~PCI_MSIX_BIR;
+    table_off = dev->msix->table_off = table_off & ~PCI_MSIX_BIR;
     dev->msix->table_base = dev->pci_dev->base_addr[bar_index];
     PT_LOG("get MSI-X table bar base %llx\n",
            (unsigned long long)dev->msix->table_base);

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