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[Xen-devel] VT-d scalability issue


I have found a VT-d scalability issue and want to some feed backs.

When I assign a pass-through NIC to a linux VM and increase the num of VMs, the
iperf throughput for each VM drops greatly. Say, start 8 VM running on a machine
with 8 physical cpus, start 8 iperf client to connect each of them, the final
result is only 60% of 1 VM.

Further investigation shows vcpu migration cause "cold" cache for pass-through

following code in vmx_do_resume try to invalidate orig processor's cache when   
14 migration if this domain has pass-through device and no support for wbinvd
16 if ( has_arch_pdevs(v->domain) && !cpu_has_wbinvd_exiting )
    int cpu = v->arch.hvm_vmx.active_cpu;
    if ( cpu != -1 )
        on_selected_cpus(cpumask_of_cpu(cpu), wbinvd_ipi, NULL, 1,


So we want to pin vcpu to free processor for domains with pass-through device in
creation process, just like what we did for NUMA system.

What do you think of it? Or have other ideas?


best rgds,

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