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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: [PATCH 1 of 7] x86: add _PAGE_IOMAP pte flag for IO mappings

Nick Piggin wrote:
> It complements vm_normal_page, which was there first (and coined by
> Linus). It is the opposite of normal. This question always comes up
> and my answer is always yes, if you can convince Linus to rename
> vm_normal_page to the corresponding term :)

Not really.  Normal is normal, but "special" doesn't tell us what kind
of special it is.

> It's not exactly _PAGE_NOSTRUCTPAGE. There can be struct pages under
> there, but you're not to touch them.

To the extent that the struct page may as well not exist?  Does it
contain any meaningful state?  Are they always IO mappings?  Could we
just use _PAGE_IOMAP as the name for _PAGE_SPECIAL?

>>>   And not having a struct page should correspond well to a pte not
>>> requiring pfn->mfn conversion and being an I/O page.
>> But _PAGE_SPECIAL is only set in a few places.  It's not set in ioremap
>> mappings and so on.  Should it be?
> Kernel address space, you mean? No, it is only ever used on user
> addresses.

Right.  But if we fold _PAGE_SPECIAL and _PAGE_IOMAP together, it would
start getting used on kernel addresses (and obviously we'd need to
rearrange _PAGE_CPA_TEST).

>> There's also the hiccup that it gets set in a pte with pte_mkspecial() -
>> but at that point its too late because you've already constructed the
>> pte and done the pfn->mfn conversion.  _PAGE_IOMAP can only be set when
>> you initially construct the pte out of a frame number and a pgprot.
> I don't see this would be any problem because the pte is always constructed
> in a single line in both places where it is used.

OK.  If we were to fold these two together, then pte_mkspecial() would
have to go, since it wouldn't possible to use correctly in my use case.


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