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[Xen-devel] [PATCH] FLush pending softirqs when cpu offline

Hi, Keir,

Thanks for checking in cpu online/offline support.
Another thought inspired by Kevin, due to the time sequence that
different cpus enter the stop machine context, there is a small window
that some kind of softirqs (say softirq_A) are issued to the dying cpu
right after the dying cpu has already handled softirq_A in do_softirq
before entering stop_machine softirq. So this softirq_A should be
handled by the dying cpu after exiting from stop_machine context.
However, scheduling to idle leaves no change for softirqs other than the
shedule softirq itself to execute.
This patch will flush these softirqs at the beginning of play_dead.

Best Regards
Haitao Shan

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