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Re: [Xen-devel] c/s 18470

>>> "Jan Beulich" <jbeulich@xxxxxxxxxx> 17.09.08 09:43 >>>
>This changeset reverts two previous corrections, for reasons that escape
>First, the domain map is again being confined to NR_CPUS, which I had
>submitted a patch to fix recently (yes, I realize the code has a TODO in
>there, but those really get forgotten about far too often).
>Second, the platform hypercall was reverted back to require all
>information to be passed to Xen in one chunk, whereas I recall that even
>Intel folks (not sure if it was you) agreed that allowing incremental
>information collection was more appropriate.
>Could you clarify why these changes were necessary and if/when you
>plan to address the resulting issues?

Also, were these changes tested on AMD CPUs? It would seem to me
that the cpufreq_cpu_policy array would remain uninitialized here, and
hence the first access in the powernow code would dereference a NULL

Likewise the calls to cpufreq_{add,del}_cpu() from the CPU hot(un)plug
paths seem to consider the Intel case only (as the functions themselves
are Intel specific).


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