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RE: [Xen-devel] MSI causing softpanics in guest

Yes, exactly the same as what I am thinking.

Shan Haitao

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Subject: Re: [Xen-devel] MSI causing softpanics in guest

pciback should be returning the number which the domU should present to Xen
via EVTCHNOP_bind_pirq. Anything else would be meaningless. DomU then gets
itself a Linux irq by 'irq = evtchn_map_pirq(-1, pirq_from_pciback)'.

 -- Keir

On 23/9/08 09:26, "Shan, Haitao" <haitao.shan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Yes. I think so.
> But here is another problem, current code in dom0 returns irq number (irq
> number has meaning only in its domain, am I right?) not pirq number to PV domU
> guest. I am not sure whether this number can be used in evtchn_map_pirq in PV
> domU. Seems some modification is needed, I believe.

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