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[Xen-devel] Re: cpuid information to hvm guest

Hiding those details by default is a good strategy we’d like to maintain. Furthermore we cannot change CPU-to-LAPIC identifier mapping without breaking saved guest images, which is not acceptable. If our hiding of host information is broken, we’d like a patch to fix it; likewise any other CPUID inconsistency. What specific issues are you seeing?

 -- Keir

On 29/9/08 18:21, "Kamble, Nitin A" <nitin.a.kamble@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Currently guest is seeing broken thread/core siblings topology because some of cupid bits are getting blocked by default.
With the attached 2 patches hvm guest will see same topology as the host-os sees.
It is still possible to override these bits in the guest config file, so that migration across different topology system can work.
Please apply.
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