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[Xen-devel] Re: Questions about current panic/BUG_ON/BUG usage in XEN

On 6/10/08 03:35, "Ke, Liping" <liping.ke@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Both valid because they are handlers for a single I/O port, and code
>> in intercept.c will prevent multi-byte I/O port accesses from
>> reaching the handler.
> Hi, Keir
> Here you mean that this BUG_ON would never happen?
> So would it be better to remove such BUG_ON or replace them with ASSERT?

Could go either way. My choice between BUG_ON and ASSERT is quite arbitrary
in some cases. I guess I prefer BUG_ON in general, unless I think the check
will be too expensive or the function is called very often.

We don't expect *any* BUG_ON or ASSERT in Xen to trigger, but that does not
mean we should remove them! Xen is an inter-linked set of software modules,
and BUG_ON/ASSERT gives some explicit description and checking of some of
the more subtle interface constraints between them. They save our bacon
quite often when changes in one part of the hypervisor forget their
responsibilities to other parts of the hypervisor.

> Another example is
> Intercept.c (c:\upstream\xen\xen\arch\x86\hvm):    BUG_ON(num >=
> I remember I meet the error when do HVM Sx test. When register same handler
> repeatedly several times,
> this bug will be triggered. So just want to know the criteria here: Even if it
> is not good to register repeatedly,
> must we panic the whole machine? After all, it is only an error contained in a
> hvm domain, is it?

It's an error in usage of this (admittedly rather weak) interface. The
interface is that this function may only be called up to MAX_IO_HANDLER
times per HVM guest. If Xen exceeds this then it is an internal error within
Xen. The correct fix is not to remove the BUG_ON, nor even to directly crash
the HVM guest, but to:
 * Avoid registering so many I/O handlers; or
 * Increase MAX_IO_HANDLER; or
 * Maintain a handler linked list rather than static array
Also possibly return an error code to callers and make them deal with EBUSY
or ENOMEM errors.

 -- Keir

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