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Re: [Xen-devel] ioremap failing in linux guest

Sounds like a 'bigphysarea' kind of hack. That won't work on Xen without
modifying the driver. Quite a part from anything else the driver probably
expects the memory range to be machine contiguous, and it almost certainly
won't be.

 -- Keir

On 9/10/08 17:50, "Anish Bhatt" <anish@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The driver for the network processor that I am using does an ioremap
> call to map memory previously reserved using the mem & memap kernel
> parameters. for eg. if I reserve memory using memmap=384M$512M, it is
> calling ioremap(384,512) (with appropriate conversion to bytes) and
> later using the returned address to setup its queues.
> -Anish
> Jeremy Fitzhardinge wrote:
>> Anish Bhatt wrote:
>>> Is there an API for converting pseudophysical addresses to machine
>>> addresses or possibly sample code somewhere ?
>> What are you trying to achieve?  ioremap is only valid to use on
>> device memory anyway, so you shouldn't be in a position to use it
>> unless you've already got machine addresses in hand (and they're going
>> to be machine addresses with no existing pfn translation).
>>    J

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