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[Xen-devel] RE: xentrace data parsing tool

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>From: Keir Fraser [mailto:keir.fraser@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
>Sent: Friday, October 10, 2008 3:14 PM
>To: Lu, Guanqun
>Cc: xen-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: Re: xentrace data parsing tool
>On 10/10/08 02:59, "Lu, Guanqun" <guanqun.lu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi Keir,
>> We now have an internal tool to process the data from xentrace_formt,
>> do some calculations and then report. The sample output is attached.
>> This script is written in perl, do we need to convert it to python?
>> I'm not trying to trigger the holy war. But it seems that xen people
>> have a like for python and the tool `xentrace_format' itself
>is written
>> in python.
>> Besides do we add some other functionality to this tool?
>We'd prefer not to have another dependency, but for this
>non-essential kind
>of functionality I think a dependency on Perl is just fine.

Thanks. Then we'll send this tool out after some review.

> -- Keir

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