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[Xen-devel] Xen and tickless Linux


I am trying to build a custom kernel 2.6.24 from ubuntu with xen dom0 support.

Does Xen support a tickless system (CONFIG_TICK_ONESHOT=y) and the realtime features of this kernel (CONFIG_PREEMPT=Y instead of CONFIG_PREEMP_VOLUNTARY)?

Everytime, I set these options while configuring the kernel, the two settings are not regarded during kernel compilation.

I also tried to build the kernel 2.6.27 from OpenSuse 11. The behaviour is similar. If I choose xen-compatible=y in menu entry "Subarchitecure Type", then the tickless system and CONFIG_PREEMPT options can't be set any more.

So I wonder if Xen supports these features.

Thanks in advance,


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