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RE: [xen-devel][PATCH] Battery Management

> Kamala Narasimhan writes ("RE: [xen-devel][PATCH] Battery
> > There isn't a whole range of VT-x enabled laptops I could get my
> > on to better answer your question.  However, given the current
> > firmware implementation trend, the pass-through mode is likely to
> > on laptops that uses CMBattery interface.  The goal was to attempt
> > put the base vACPI implementation that can be fine tuned as we go
> > to better support a whole range of VT-x enabled laptops shipped in
> > future.  That said, I have tested pass-through mode on the hardware
> > could get hold of (that uses CMBattery interface) and seen it work.
> I'm obviously missing something obvious here.  I wasn't able to easily
> find out what `CMBattery' is (perhaps I need to read a suitable volume
> of ACPI spec) but laptops have been having ACPI-based battery
> management for quite a while.
Yes, ACPI-based battery management has been there for a while.
Otherwise, it wouldn't have been possible to study battery firmware
implementation trend setting aside the virtualization factor.
> You mention a shortage of VT-x enabled laptops but a quick websearch
> suggests there are plenty of AMD-V-capable laptops.
Virtualization enabled laptops and virtualization enabled laptops that I
could get my hands on are two different things :-)  Anyway, only
recently have I been focusing on battery/laptop specific implementation;
so this shouldn't be an issue in the long run.
> Dare I ask, what about PV guests ?  Obviously access to the host
> battery is not supported for right now but what is the plan ?
I haven't given it much thought but I would be happy to work with anyone
keen to see this in PV guests although there is the ACPI support issue
Kevin mentioned in his email.
> Sorry if these seem like stupid questions.
Not at all.


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