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[Xen-devel] Sending data from Xen

Forgive me if this is not the correct place to ask this question, but I
suspect only someone fairly intimate with the Xen source code will be
able to provide an answer.  My goal is to be able to send a stream of
data from the xen hypervisor itself to dom0.  My first thought on how to
do this was simply to have the hypervisor implement a device that could
be exported to dom0 and used just like any other split device driver. 
Unfortunately this does not appear to be a common thing and I have only
found examples of how to offer the shared pages of the device from a
domain, not from the hypervisor itself.  Although it appears that the
code sets up a grant table for the hypervisor, I cannot see that it is
actually used, nor do I see any mechanism for allocating grant entries
for use (allocating as in marking them as valid, not as in allocating
memory for them).  So I'm starting to wonder if the hypervisor uses
grant tables at all.  Soooo ....

Given my goal, am I going down the wrong track here?  Is there a
simpler, quicker, better mechanism for doing what I need to do?  Should
I perhaps be investigating xenprof instead?

If providing a device that they hypervisor can export, should I be using
the grant table mechanism or not?

Thanks for your patience.

Bernie Lofaso

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