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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] [VTD] Remove PCI device enumeration for dom0 in Xen

On 22/10/08 09:59, "Han, Weidong" <weidong.han@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> There are already PCI probe and remove callbacks in dom0 (c/s 593 in
> linux-2.6.18-xen.hg). So it is not necessary to enumerate devices for
> dom0 in Xen.
> Espen had a patch (c/s 17975) to do the same thing, but his patch was
> reverted in order to allow old dom0 kernels to work with iommu-capable
> platforms. Xen 3.3 has been released for a few months, I think it's time
> to clean up it. The rebased patch is attached.
> Keir, what's your opinion?

Xen 3.3 should continue to work with older dom0 kernels. However, now that
iommu is *disabled* by default, will this mean that it would continue to
work with older dom0 kernels so long as iommu is not enabled on the Xen
command line? This should be tested and confirmed with this patch applied.
If so, I would accept it.

 -- Keir

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