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[Xen-devel] Re: [PATCH 0/2] dm-ioband: I/O bandwidth controller v1.8.0: Introduction

Hi Haotian,

> The results are almost the same. I can not see any change of Direct I/O
> performance for this bio-cgroup kernel feature with dm-ioband support!
> Does the methord to caculate throughout should be the Rate of xdd.linux
> output? 
> Dose my testing approach should be correct? If not, please help me point
> out.

Could you try to run the xdd programs simultaneously?
dm-ioband controls bandwidth while I/O requests are issued
simultaneously from processes which belong to different cgroup.
If I/O requests are only issued from processes which belong to one
cgroup, the processes can use the whole bandwidth.

The following URL is an example of how bandwidth is shared to I/O
load change.

Ryo Tsuruta

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