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[Xen-devel] Summary about issues solved by BIOS update CBQ4510H.86A.0061: Board DC45CB

Hello folks,

the detailed stuff is posted on xen-users. Here I drop only a short note.

Some days ago Intel put a new firmware for the board onto their WEB-site

I upgraded my board from CBQ4510H.86A.0059 with that new BIOS and the 
following problems seem to have vanished:

Update to BIOS CBQ4510H.86A.0061.BI.ZIP solved the following issues:

- Whenever I boot my Xen (Xen 3.3) with kernel parameter iommu=1
the boot process freezes.
SOLVED (details on xen-users)

and related to that

- VT-d broken. No PCI backend hiding with HVM guest possible 
SOLVED  (details on xen-users)

- When I insert a PCIe x16 Graphics card (ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro) the BIOS 
menu display somehow becomes slow. The experience is like if you use a 300 
Baut serial line connection. 
SOLVED  (details on xen-users)

- PCIe x16 graphics with Xen kernel broken
SOLVED  (details on xen-users)



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