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RE: [Xen-devel] Problems with enabling hypervisor C and P-statecontrol

> > Also how about BSP? If BSP is not thread0/core0/package0,
> > then all the rest sorting effort is just meaningless. :-(
> True. Another possibility would be to provide a remapping between CPU
> identifiers used within Xen and those exposed to tools via
> sysctl/domctl.
> The latter could be sorted; and no ordering constraints placed on the
> former.

That's likely to get very confusing when it comes to debugging...

Have we seen any systems where the boot CPU isn't thread 0, core 0,
socket 0?

> > This is necessary information. Is there any existing interface
> reporting
> > similar info? If not, could you suggest which interface to carry?
> Tools
> > like xenpm may need to query such infro to construct a better
> summary.
> > If it's not there, we can consider to add.
> The info is not available right now. It could be exposed via sysctl.
> Either
> a new sysctl or by extending existing XEN_SYSCTL_getcpuinfo.
>  -- keir

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