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Re: [Xen-devel] Pass-through a graphic card

billy lau wrote:
Hi dear Xen developers,

I was actually trying out a patch which was circulated in this mailing list found at http://markmail.org/message/gecwbq4oqttszxvo#query:+page:1+mid:x4ethv65thwrq3e6+state:results.

I was using Xen-3.3.0 on Debian etch 4.0, kernel on a Intel machine with Vt-d enabled. However, during that process, I found out that I was unable to compile properly by just applying the patch. But I did manage to solve the compilation problem, and now the problem is that there are linkage problems where it says there is an undefined reference to 'ioctl'.

Does anyone in this list know of a solution to this? Or, is there any other alternatives or works that has been done to pass-through a graphics card to domU?

Any advice is very much appreciated, and thank you in advance,

Hi Billy,

This patch is useful only if you want to pass through the graphic card
as a primary on the guest.

We've got good result when we pass through a legacy nvidia graphic
card as secondary in the guest (just put pci = ['B:D:F']) in your config
file. You need to install at least the version 178.12 for of the nvidia

Jean Guyader

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