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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/2] range timer support

This patch is the updated version of the deferrable timer patch 

The major changes are:
- rebase with latest upstream: sync with the timer link list chagne (changeset 
18381), sync with the heap memory allocation change (changeset 18671)
- Per Keir's comment, more usage is found: use the range timer in HVM virtual 
periodic timer (xen/arch/x86/hvm/vpt.c). Since vpt has the logic to handle 
missing ticks, it is an ideal place to use range timer. 
- the original deferrable timer is renamed to range timer, to better describe 
the conecpt. This renaming is inspired by a similar proposal in linux kernel 
community (http://kerneltrap.org/mailarchive/linux-kernel/2008/9/1/3160404)

A preliminary measurement is done in a dual core mobile platform (Montivina). 
When creating 4 RHEL5 HVM UP guests, the range timer patch can reduce ~5% power 
consumption. More measurement is onging. This post is inteneded to get more 
feedback to refine it. 

Best Regards
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