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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/7] merge some xen bits into qemu

  Hi folks,

This is version #5 of the xen support for qemu patch series.

It has been quiet for a while, mostly due to qemu-xen lagging behind
qemu-upstream.  Now it catched up with upstream, so it is time to make
some progress here.  Not many changes since the last time I posted the
patches.  Some prelimary stuff has been merged and thus is gone, some
bugs have been fixed, some adaptions to recent changes happend.

The console and framebuffer backend drivers are largely based on the
xen code, the other bits are rewritten from scratch.  Nevertheless
the code should be functionally identical.

Overview (individual patches have longer descriptions):

  #1 -- groundwork: build system, cmd line options, ...
  #2 -- xen backend driver infrastructrure
  #3 -- xen console backend driver
  #4 -- xen framebuffer backend driver

  #5 -- xen block backend driver
  #6 -- xen nic backend driver
  #7 -- allow xen disks and nics being configured via qemu command
        line options.

With first next four patches in place upstream qemu can replace xen's
qemu-dm for paravirtual domains.  Due to some small differences in
the command line syntax it can't work as drop-in replacement though.

The last three patches add full userspace implementations of block and
nic backend drivers using the grant table device (gntdev) and command
line support config support for setting up these backends.

xen support is implemented using another machine type.  xen's qemu-dm
already uses the machine type to switch between paravirtualized and
fully virtualized machines, so this was the natural choice.  qemu
gets a new "xenpv" machine type additionally to the "pc" and "isapc"

The patches are also available here (Patches 0002 -> 0008):

There is also a patch queue for qemu-xen, located here:

There also a '-b' (no whitespace changes) version for easier review:

The qemu-xen patch series has a slightly different ordering to make the
patch queue more bisect-friendly.  Also the command line syntax is
unchanged, so we don't break qemu-dm <=> xend interaction.  It should
work just fine as drop-in replacement, without regressions, with the
additional bonus that the framebuffer handles a restart cycle correctly
(i.e. pvgrub in graphical mode actually works).



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