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Re: [Xen-devel] [4 Patches] New blktap implementation, 2nd try

Dutch Meyer schrieb:
>   1) deprecate-blktap. A patch to deprecate the open source blktap, by
> moving it and issuing a warning whenever it is used.  No functionality
> is modified in this patch, it is just housekeeping.

Why would you want to keep the old version around if the new one is so
much better?

>   2) restore-blktap.  A patch to add a new blktap implementation that is
> feature equivalent to (or better than) the current blktap.  This will
> eventually replace the current blktap implementation.

Now this is a huge patch, nearly impossible to review. At a first glance
I noticed that it shares large parts with the old implementation. So
while I believe you that the first patch is only moving things around, I
really can't tell what this patch is actually doing.

It would be really useful to have the real diff, i.e. keep the old files
in patch 1 and modify them here. Best you also split this patch into a
patch for the core and one patch for the changes to each driver.

I didn't really look into the patch but merely scrolled through it and
looked at the diffstat, so maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to lack
implementations for tap:qcow2, tap:vmdk and tap:ioemu. Why that?


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