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[Xen-devel] NX bit with paravirt ops


I'm trying to get PaX (http://pax.grsecurity.net) working on a 64-bit 
paravirt_ops guest under xen. One of the features that PaX uses under a 64-bit 
kernel is the NX bit. I'm using the paxtest utility (available at 
http://paxgrsecurity.net) to test whether the NX bit is working.

On a host with NX support, a 64-bit 2.6.18 xen kernel has a working NX bit. 
Under a vanilla paravirt_ops kernel with HIGHMEM64 and PAE enabled 
however, the nx bit doesn't seem to work. The nx flag is listed in 
/proc/cpuinfo on both the 2.6.18 and 2.6.27 guest.

So my question is; does paravirt_ops support the use of the nx-bit?



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