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Re: [Xen-devel] High Net and Disk Use == stuck domain

Jeremy Fitzhardinge wrote:
Did this one slip by you? I figured a reproducible bug would be just too tantalizing to resist.

Hoping it would go away by itself? ;)

I'm trying to repro it now, copying ISOs at 25 Mbytes/sec. How long does it take to happen?

Under a few minutes, usually within 30 seconds. The affected kernel binary is here:


This was built with my non-broken toolchain, too, btw :)

Meanwhile, I'll try to reproduce it in a new environment and come up with a better recipe.

What's the correct venue for these issues that overlap xen-devel, lkml, and virtualization/pv_ops stuff -- should I be blasting these to everybody?

Me and xen-devel are a good start, and posting in a bugzilla cc:ing me if it looks like its been dropped on the floor.

OK -- targets acquired!


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