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RE: [Xen-devel] GPLPV 0.9.12-pre4 uploaded

> James Harper wrote:
> > I've just uploaded 0.9.12-pre4 to
> hi James,
> I have downloaded your gpl winpv driver 0.9.12-pre4 and installed on
> vista x86. There are some issues:
> 1, Vista notify me to reboot system again after I installed winpv
> and reboot system with gplpv start options.
> 2, DVD device also cannot work fine. DVD device can be enumerated by
> xenvbd driver. Capacity is OK. But when I try to open it, Vista tell
> that it need 'UDF' file system support. That's the same issue I have
> meet in my pv drivers.

That might have been fixed since 0.9.12-pre4. I uploaded 0.9.12-pre7 a
few days ago but had to delete it from the download site as it caused
some problems. I hope to have a new version uploaded shortly.

You can view the fix I am thinking of here:

but maybe that doesn't fix it for you and there is another problem?


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