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RE: [Xen-devel] disable qemu PCI devices in HVM domains

James Harper writes ("RE: [Xen-devel] disable qemu PCI devices in HVM domains"):
> Basically, I use ioports 0x10-0x1F for communication.

You seem to mean thedse absolute addresses in IO space ?  Rather than
offsets in the Xen platform device, for example ?  And your driver is
going to write, blind, into these locations ?  Surely that risks
causing problems if your driver is run in a situation where those
ports are used for something else ?

I like the principle of disabling the drivers via an instruction to
qemu rather than by attempting to wrestle with the Windows driver
machinery to try to hide the devices.  But couldn't we simulate a PCI
unplug or a medium change or something instead ?  Then you could do it
later in the boot after your own drivers have properly bound.

And presumably the instrunction to do so should be given via the Xen
PCI platform device ?

Also, what if the user wants (for some reason) to use PV drivers for
disk but emulated-real-hardware drivers for network, or something ?


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