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Re: [Xen-devel] Writing C program on Stubdom


éåé, le Fri 12 Dec 2008 17:01:06 +0800, a Ãcrit :
> In my understanding, the c-stubdom is trying to show us that we can
> just write standard C programs, linking it to mini-os,(with the
> APP_OBJS points to the appropriate obj files), then we can run the
> program as a separate Xen Domain, am I right?


> Does it mean that i can use it as a kernel to create a new domain, and
> what it would do is simply out put "hello wolrd" then hangs up?


> But i get the VMWare crash when i tried to do this. (
> Yes, i deployed XEN 3.3 in VMware).

You mean _VMWare_ crashes?  Well that's our fault then :)

> $(OBJ_DIR)/$(TARGET)_app.o: $(APP_OBJS) app.lds
>     $(LD) -r -d $(LDFLAGS) -\( $^ -\) $(APP_LDLIBS) --undefined main -o $@
>          Is the purpose of this scrpits to adjust the APP_OBJS according to
> app.lds, so it can be linked to MiniOS?


> $(OBJ_DIR)/$(TARGET): links $(OBJS) $(OBJ_DIR)/$(TARGET)_app.o arch_lib
>     $(LD) -r $(LDFLAGS) $(HEAD_OBJ) $(OBJ_DIR)/$(TARGET)_app.o $(OBJS) $
> (LDARCHLIB) $(LDLIBS) -o $@.o
>     $(OBJCOPY) -w -G $(GLOBAL_PREFIX)* -G _start $@.o $@.o
>          Above scripts replaces the "__attribute__((weak)) int app_main
> (start_info_t *si)" within XEN_ROOT/Extra/Mini-os/Kernel.c with the adjusted

Yes, in order to replace the default "test" app_main of mini-os.


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