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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/4] stubdom-dm: Support live migration of HVM domain with stubdom-dm


This series of patches is an attempt to support live migration of hvm
domains with stubdom-dm.

For hvm domains to live-migrate, we should create a log-dirty shared
memory segment between xc_save and qemu-dm. for a normal qemu-dm,
memory sharing is done by inter process communication interface
(shmget/shmat/shmctl), but it obviously doesn't work for a stubdom-dm
because it is not a dom0 process but a domain itself.

The idea here is to allocate log-dirty the shared memory segment in
the stubdom-dm and to map the memory region into the xc_save process
by using grant table interface.

[PATCH 1/4] mini-os: Make utility function get_self_id() public
[PATCH 2/4] Log-dirty shared memory between stubdom-dm and xc_save
[PATCH 3/4] Log-dirty shared memory between stubdom-dm and xc_save
            (ioemu-remote part)
[PATCH 4/4] xend: Give stubdom flag to xc_save

Yosuke Iwamatsu
        NEC Corporation

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