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[Xen-devel] Mounting blktap filesystem in two domU's

I'm experimenting with mounting a cluster filesystem in two different
paravirtualized domains on the same physical machine.  I can successfully
mount them when I use 'file:/path/to/clusterfs.img,hdb,w!' but cacheing
in domain0 will probably mess up the cluster so I'd like to use
"tap:aio:" instead of "file:"  However when I substitute the prefix,
I get:

Error: Device 832 (tap) could not be connected.
/path/to/clusterfs.img already in use by another domain

Is the "w!" syntax correct for tap:aio (in which case I may be
doing something else wrong, or perhaps it is a bug)?  Or is
there another way to force this to work?  (It appears I get the
same error even if I use readonly ("r") for both domains.)

Thanks for any help!

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