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[Xen-devel] Re: [Patch][RFC] Update rombios.c

Tim Deegan wrote:

At 23:50 +0900 on 17 Dec (1229557835), Akio Takebe wrote:
This patch update rombios to the latest Bochs's.
I'd like to corabolate bochs community to enhance the guest bios.
I'm not familiar around TCGBIOS.
So could you review the patch?

I tested boot/shutdown, S3 suspend/resume with linux guest.
Any comments are welcome :-)

Does the boot-options menu work properly after the patch?  This bit of
code looks suspect to me; surely some more translation is necessary to
turn a scan code into an offset into the boot device table:

+      while (!valid_choice) {
+        scan_code = get_keystroke();
+        if (scan_code == 0x01 || scan_code == 0x58) /* ESC or F12 */
+        {
+          valid_choice = 1;
+        }
+        else if (scan_code <= count)
+        {
+          valid_choice = 1;
+          scan_code -= 1;
+          /* Set user selected device */
+          write_word(ebda_seg, IPL_BOOTFIRST_OFFSET, scan_code);
+        }
+      }

Thank you for your review.
I used the bochs upstream code instead of xen's
because I want to use the upstream code.
It works fine. The scan_codes are below.

Otherwise, this patch looks good to me, though it's enormous so I
haven't looked at every detail.

Also: does this update mean that the Xen rombios now has two separate
32-bit extensions?  Might it be worth using the upstream one instead of
maintaining our own?

I added "#define LAGACY" in rombios.h
So the patch uses Xen's 32bit extentions.
As you said, using the upstream one may be better.
But merging the upstream's 32bits extentions looks difficult
because xen initialize some parts of BIOS data in hvmloader.

Best Regards,

Akio Takebe

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