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Re: [Xen-devel] XEN Proposal

However, it does seem like being able to partition up a Xen server
into "pools" of cpu resources, each with its own scheduler, that don't
compete with each other, might be generally useful.  It should be
relatively straightforward to slide in under the current scheduler
architecture, without having to change much in the schedulers
themselves. That's how I'd prefer it done, if possible: a clean layer
underneath a scheduler.

That is the direction I would go

Agreed; I do not mean to suggest otherwise.

My point is that if this project and others all implement their own management tools and inevitably conflicting means of storing information about of sets of domains, then that's not a path to a happy place.

I also recognize that I'm trying to head off a problem before it exists, which may not be the way to go.

If you decide that your needs are best served by developing a new set of tools, please keep the discussion alive on the list. It's a potentially useful capability and I'd like to see how it progresses.


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