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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/4] dom0 linux: Reserve device for guest with device path

This series of patches add the function to dom0 linux to reserve PCI
device for guest domain with device path. Following is example of device


Currently if we assign PCI device to guest domain, we have to specify
PCI device with "pciback.hide=" boot parameter. If PCI device has small
memory resource and BIOS does not assign page-aligned memory resource,
we have to specify PCI device with "reassigndev=" boot parameter also.

"pciback.hide=" and "reassigndev=" use SBDF(Segment#, Bus#, Device#,
Function#). Segment# and Bus# can be changed at boot time. So they are
not suitable for specifying PCI device at boot time.

My patches integrate "pciback.hide=" and "reassigndev=" into one
"guestdev=" boot parameter. So we have to specify only one boot
parameter. The format of device path is following.


Device path is not changed at boot time. So it is suitable for
specifying PCI device at boot time.

My patches add "reassign_resources" boot parameter too. If reassignment
is needed, please set it.

Following is example of dom0 linux's boot parameter.

        reassign_resources guestdev=PNP0A03:100-1c.1-00.0,PNP0A03:100-1d.7

The series consists of following patches.

1. Expose HID,UID,SEG,BBN of PCI root bridge via sysfs.
2. Add "guestdev=" boot parameter.
3. Bind PCI back driver to PCI device specified by "guestdev=".
4. Cleanup function name relating resource reassignment.

I will take a vacation from 27 Dec. to 4 Jan. I will not be able to
respond to a mail.

Yuji Shimada.

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