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RE: [Xen-devel] Multiple IRQ's in HVM for Windows

> On 26/12/2008 03:29, "James Harper" <james.harper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > I really need to have the ability to tie event channel port's to
> > interrupts for my gplpv drivers under Windows. Is anyone working on
> > anything like this? Does MSI allow more than one interrupt per PCI
> > device?
> What kind of interface do you want?

I'm not entirely sure. Windows makes it hard.

Essentially, I need to be able to tie an event channel to a PIC or APIC
interrupt, and have a way of checking the event channel to see if it was
responsible for the interrupt and then clearing the pending flag for
only that event channel. I don't think that in itself is that hard -
what will be hard is making Windows happy to have those interrupt lines
as resources and to program the APIC correctly to allow them to be

The above probably shows a lack of understanding on my part about how
events are delivered into hvm domains as interrupts - can you point me
to what files I need to look at to understand this better? Then maybe
I'll have a better idea about what I'm asking for (or I'll understand
why it won't work :)



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