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RE: [Xen-devel] xm block-attach DomID tap:aio:/...

> >
> > James, any suggestion?
> Why don't you help James to improve his drivers instead of writing yet
> another closed source set of drivers? it seems a bit rude to ask for
> help with your closed source drivers from the only developer of gpl
> drivers.
> Closed source drivers are available from xensource, novell/suse,
> halsign, and now oracle as well?
> It seems like such a waste of effort, especially as James's gplpv
> drivers are already very good and in time will probably outperform all
> of the closed source drivers.


Wayne's version of the drivers are forked from an earlier version of
mine, and are therefore GPL. I believe Wayne has slightly different
objectives but the info sharing and assistance goes both ways.


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