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[Xen-devel] Re: [PATCH 0 of 9] swiotlb: use phys_addr_t for pages

FUJITA Tomonori wrote:
Well, I asked Jeremy to use Becky's approach so I don't have though
this patchset isn't enough for Becky (possibly for Xen too) since
Jeremy didn't put Becky's map_single_page changes. These changes are
necessary to support map_map_page with highmem. I think that we can do
it simpler than his patch. I'll send patches to that in a different
way soon.

It's not principal objection, but as I said, the patches to revert
Jeremy's highmem patches in this patchset like the following are

I don't mind either way. I was hoping to go with something that I've actually tested, but I don't see any reason why Becky's patches won't work in principle for Xen. I'm on vacation at the moment, but I can test things out when I get back in a couple of weeks and apply whatever fixes are needed at whatever stage we're at then.


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