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Re: [Xen-devel] pv_ops dom0 kernel crashes

On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 04:34:40PM +0200, Pasi Kärkkäinen wrote:
> Hello.
> I got serial console working (still haven't figured out how to get VGA
> console to work), so now I managed to capture the pv_ops dom0 kernel
> crashes.
> http://pasik.reaktio.net/xen/pv_ops-dom0-debug/pv_ops-dom0-bootlog-1.txt
> http://pasik.reaktio.net/xen/pv_ops-dom0-debug/pv_ops-dom0-bootlog-2.txt
> Two logs.. they seem to be a bit different from each other.
> Other one ends with "xen: disable pci device 0000:00:1f.1" and the other one
> has "Disabling IRQ #12" in addition to that.. 

So it seems the problem is IDE/PATA disk/controller is not detected at all with 
the pv_ops dom0 kernel:

xen_allocate_pirq: returning irq 30 for gsi 18
xen_set_ioapic_routing: irq 30 gsi 18 vector 160 ioapic 0 pin 18 triggering 0 
polarity 1
ata_piix 0000:00:1f.1: PCI INT A -> GSI 18 (level, low) -> IRQ 30

xen: PCI device 0000:00:1f.1 pin 1 -> irq 30
xen: disable pci device 0000:00:1f.1
ata_piix: probe of 0000:00:1f.1 failed with error -38

-- Pasi

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