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[Xen-devel] RE: freezing when using GPLPV drivers (including Dom0)

Did restore process finish even when you see freeze in the middle?


>From: James Harper
>Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2008 10:46 AM
>I'm trying to resolve an issue in my GPLPV drivers that has come about
>in doing some restores using Backup Exec across the network.
>The server running Backup Exec can be a DomU or a completely separate
>machine (connected via gigabit Ethernet).
>When restoring a large file (30G exchange mailbox store), everything
>locks up for a bit, long enough for ARP to timeout and the TCP
>connection for the backup data to drop, failing the backup. This can
>happen anywhere from 500MB to 20G into the restore, but normally around
>the 2G mark.
>Investigating is a bit tricky as even Dom0 is not usable - any 
>command I
>type at a shell doesn't do anything until it unfreezes. When everything
>comes back, it all comes back at once. There are no messages in the
>kernel logs or the xen logs.
>I am suspecting that maybe the problem is disk starvation but I don't
>quite understand why the lockup happens for so long. I'm also not sure
>why I'm only seeing the problem when using my GPLPV drivers - one
>possibility is that the increased performance puts more load on the
>storage system.
>Any suggestions?
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