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RE: [Xen-devel] where is hypercall page initialized?

every domain has its own hypercall page. See hypercall_page_initialise in Xen. For PV domain, it's control panel to issue hypercall XEN_DOMCTL_hypercall_init for domain. For HVM domain, it's platform-pci driver to wrmsr with special index to trigger this action.

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Hi men,

I am trying to find the course of creating a DomU, beginning from 'xm create'.
But Xm and Xend are too complex for me too follow exactly,  I am blocked
at the question: where is the hypercall-page initialized.

At Xen 3.3.0, do the DomUs share a same hypercall-page, or each DomU owns one?

* If the former case is right, where is the hypercall-page mapped to DomU's address space?

* If the later case is right, where is the hypercall-page initilized for each DomU?
In this case, I found that :
tools/libxc/xc_dom_corec, line 558:
  dom->parms.virt_hypercall = UNSET_ADDR;  // -1
tools/libxc/xc_dom_boot.c, line 32:
  if ( dom->parms.virt_hypercall == -1 )
    return 0;
  /* The following will initilize the hypercall-page by HYPERVISOR_domctl_op. */
So I think this case must not used now. Am I right?


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