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Re: [Xen-devel] RE: [RFC][PATCH 0/4] Modification of credit scheduler rev2

Su, Disheng wrote:
NISHIGUCHI Naoki wrote:
                c. the limitation of weight for guest B. I have to set the 
of guest B to 10. It may not be reasonable in real usage case.
Is copying large files in background on guest A indispensable?
In my test, guest A runs only video playing.
I think that my approach couldn't solve this issue.

You know, guest A is the primary guest to end user, so we can't make any 
assumption about the user's operation in guest A, which is the big challenge 
for client virtualization IMO.
Weight, Cap, Boost credit, are all can be used together, or adding new 
mechanism, such as static priority as Kevin said, to solve the problem.

I see.
That is really the big challenge.
I think we should experiment in various configuration and clarify some problems.

        Do you have the experience with audio? I don't know I have properly
configured your scheduler or not. Hope the your scheduler can solve
the audio issues also.
Sorry, I don't have the experience with audio.
But I'll try to reproduce your configuration and investigate.

Glad to see you have interest with audio also. Any problem when you reproduce 
the audio issues, pls let me know.



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