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Re: [Xen-devel] KeyError: 'use_tmp_kernel' with -unstable


IMHO the bug is, that not in all code paths the 'use_tmp_xxx' is set. 
So a more robust if-statement would be
  if 'use_tmp_xxx' in vmConfig ...

You reported, that this error occurred during the start of xend. Is it
possible, that there were one/some VMs which were started directly
during the startup of xend?  If so, can you please provide some
information about the VMs: OS / Distributuion / PV or HVM? (If not so,
I'm a little bit confused, because the 'use_tmp_xxx' were build up in
the VM start path and in the stack trace there is at least one 'recreate'.)

The 'data:' and 'schema:' handling feature was removed from the
repository because of this bug report.  But before providing a corrected
version, I want to be sure that I'll get all aspects  of this error
report - especially I want to extend my local regression test suite.

Kind regards

Andreas Florath

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