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RE: [Xen-devel] Error restoring DomU when using GPLPV

> Is the host simply out of memory? If dom22 above has 196576 pages and
> max_pages=197632 then an allocation of 33 order-0 extents should not
> due to over-commitment to the guest.

I added some more debugging...

batch 1024 [1]
Allocating 1024 mfns [2]
197600 allocated [3]
batch 1024
Allocating 33 mfns
Failed allocation for dom 24: 33 extents of order 0 (err = 32) [4]

[1] is just after 'j' is read in xc_domain_restore
[2] is just before the call to populate_physmap
[3] is just after the call to populate_physmap
[4] is the error message in the memory_op function in libxc modified to
give the value of err

According to the a total of 197632 are being allocated and the last page
cannot be (could be more pages required the next time around the loop


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