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Re: [Xen-devel] anyone using pvusb?

Hi James,
I'm using PVUSB successfully with XEN 3.4.1 under Debian Lenny and XEN
Kernel 2.6.18-8 (64-Bit and 32-Bit). Dom0 is 64-Bit, DomUs are usually
32-Bit Lenny.

I tested 4-5 USB-Sticks, an Canon USB Printer and a USB-DVB-S TV-Card
(digital Satellite TV) for VDR (Video Disk Recorder), i use it productiv
because it's stable for me.

I wrote a script (named pvusb) to ease usage, details can be found here: 

The script is able to parse a configfile (/etc/xen/pvusb.conf), which looks
# Configfile for pvusb
# Dev_Id    <domain> <Comment>
# USBPort   <domain> <Comment>
# 0000:0000 <domain> <Comment>
04a9:1093   srv      Canon Printer IP4000
5-1         dmz      Anything on USB Port 5-1
0000:0000   vm01     initialize 'vm01' for PVUSB

Usage of script work's like this:
m450:~# pvusb -h
usage:  pvusb -b [-t] | -i
        pvusb -s <domain> -a [ -t ]
        pvusb -d <device_id> -s <domain> [-c <comment>] -w [ -t ]
        pvusb -u <usb-port> -s <domain> [-c <comment>] -w [ -t ]
        pvusb -l | -r
        pvusb -x <usb-port>:<domain>:0:<vport>
    -a            # activate PVUSB (for -s <domain>)
    -b            # boot/initialise PVUSB with hotplug rules
    -i            # initialize PVUSB without hotplug rules
    -s <domain>   # server domain_name or domain_id
    -u <usb-port> # USB-PORT e.g. '3-2'
    -d <device_id># USB device_id e.g. '0912:1234' (use 'lsusb' to get the
    -c <comment>  # e.g. "Canon IP4000 Printer"
    -l            # list grabbed PVUSB Devices
    -r            # read PVUSB hotplug rules
    -w            # write/activate PVUSB hotplug rule
    -x            # delete PVUSB hotplug rule (use copy/paste from -r list)
    -t            # try to trigger all domains (per ssh) to init PVUSB
    -q            # be quiet
    -D            # Debug option (set -x)

Any comments are welcome!

regards neobiker

James Harper wrote:
> Is anyone successfully using pvusb under 3.4-testing and 2.6.18-xen?
> Thanks
> James

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