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[Xen-devel] Question about vcpu_avail

I would like to ask about vcpu_avail variable in XendDomainInfo.py. Is that variable working and what is it used for ? I think it's a bitmask showing what VCPUs are used and what are not, am I correct? Also, I'm thinking of adding some variable of `maxvcpus` to define maximum number of vcpus for PV guests. This way we could define a config file like:

vcpus = 2
maxvcpus = 4

and by setting `xm vcpu-set {domain} {numberOfVCPUs}` we can set up to 4 vcpus. Current behavior is to set to 1 vcpu and back to 2 vcpus but never to cross the number defined in of vcpus. Now we could be able to allocate up to 4 vcpus to the guest and not just 2... What do you think about that idea?


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