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Re: [Xen-devel] XL and OpenNebula (was: About XCP OpenNebula integration)

Excuse me because I am about to redirect this thread to a different
topic that has nothing to do with XCP.

On Tue, 1 Feb 2011, Tino Vazquez wrote:
> Dear list,
> We (the OpenNebula Team) are very interested in integrating OpenNebula
> with XCP. At the moment, OpenNebula can interface with the Xen
> hypervisor, but since XCP appears to be much more than just Xen, I
> would like to ask a couple of questions to the XCP developers in order
> to define the direction we may take on this integration.
>  * At the moment, ONE creates a text file that describes the VM in
> terms that Xen understands, and this is processed by the "xm" command.
> In XCP, there is a "xe" command with a completely different set of
> options. The question is: can the same text file be used to launch a
> VM in XCP? Or the approach must be something different, using the
> functionality offered by "xe" or by XAPI?

The coming 4.1 open source Xen release (we are in RC3 now) ships with a
new toolstack called xl, that tries to be command line compatible with
xm, but there are few significant differences:

- there is no support for embedded python in VM config files;

- there is no support for managed domains (domains you can install on
a host and list even if they are not running);

- there is no XML-RPC interface.

Apart from these issues everything else should work as before.

Do you think you'll be able to adapt OpenNebula to use the new
toolstack? If you don't use the features above it shouldn't take much
more than ln -s xm xl.
It is worth mentioning that xend and xm are still available in the 4.1
release, just not recommended anymore.

you may understand now what the confusion was about: XCP has a different
toolstack called xapi, it doesn't use xend at all. However XCP has a copy
of xl for debugging purposes, but it shouldn't be used for anything but
debugging on a XCP system. So if you want to integrate XCP into
OpenNebula you should use the appropriate RPC calls supported by xapi.

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