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Re: [Xen-devel] does 'xm save' compress?

James Harper writes ("[Xen-devel] does 'xm save' compress?"):
> Does 'xm save' compress the data it writes to disk? Someone on another
> (non-xen) mailing list pointed out that the bottleneck to a quick
> shutdown/restore that didn't overly interrupt DomU's was the time taken
> to suspend the DomU's on Dom0 shutdown and then resume them again on
> Dom0 restart, and I can see the point, especially if the data wasn't
> compressed and it had to write out every raw byte to disk...

Mmm.  We should consider improving this in 4.2.  It would be
straightforward to add a compression feature to xl.

Migration with xl uses ssh as the transport so you get ssh's
encryption anyway, and can take advantage of ssh's compression
by adjusting your ssh configuration or xl command line.


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