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[Xen-devel] Re: [osrc-patches] [PATCH] amd iommu: Fix a xen crash after pci-attach (backport)

On Tuesday 01 February 2011 17:27:16 Wei Wang2 wrote:
> Keir,
> pci-detach triggers IO page table deallocation if the last passthru device
> has been removed from pdev list, and this will result a BUG on amd systems
> for next pci-attach. This patch fixes this issue.
> Thanks,
> Wei
> Signed-off-by: Wei Wang <wei.wang2@xxxxxxx>
> --
> Advanced Micro Devices GmbH
> Sitz: Dornach, Gemeinde Aschheim,
> Landkreis MÃnchen Registergericht MÃnchen,
> HRB Nr. 43632
> WEEE-Reg-Nr: DE 12919551
> GeschÃftsfÃhrer:
> Alberto Bozzo, Andrew Bowd

I think this should also be back ported to 4.0, I found the same issue with 
xen-4.0.2-rc2-pre. Patch has been attached.
Signed-off-by: Wei Wang <wei.wang2@xxxxxxx>

Attachment: fix_detach_xen40.patch
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