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[Xen-devel] RE: blue screen in windows balloon driver

> Hi:
>       We've confronted the windows 2003 Blue screen when using balloon
> driver.
>       The blue screen has the information of "NO_PAGES_AVAILABLE", and
>       Technical information:
>       ***STOP: 0x0000004D
>       In fact we are doing the stress test on 24 windows2003 HVM on a
> 16core host.
>       In dom0, there is a daemon process (balloond) will give memory
> to the VM who acclaim memory.
>       The balloond will ensure every VM at least has 512M memory.
>       Each VM is started with memory=512 maxmem=2048
>       Inside each of the VM, there is two processes eat memory, each
> which will eat 1G memory.
>       And the page file size configured on C:\ is init size 1536M, max
> size 3072M, which I think even
>       If balloond process not give back the memory back to VM, the VM
> has 512M+3072M = 3.5G virtual
>       memory.
>       Am I right?, if so , since our eat memory process only consume
> memory, h
>       how could "NO_PAGES_AVAILABLE" happen?
>       Also, since we enable VM writes its memory status into xenstore,
> when blue screen, it has only has 972KB memory.
>       Any comments? Many thanks.

You've put myself (I wrote GPLPV) and George Dunlap (from Citrix) in the
CC list but you don't say if you are using GPLPV drivers or Citrix PV
drivers. If you are using GPLPV drivers let me know and I'll get some
more information about the problem from you. If you aren't using GPLPV
drivers then I don't think I can be of much assistance...



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